Journal of Family Office Real Estate

The Journal of Family Office Real Estate (JFORE) is a scholarly publication that focuses on the intersection of family offices and real estate investments. It is a valuable resource for practitioners and academics seeking to explore and expand knowledge in this specialized field. JFORE aims to investigate and provide insights into various aspects of real estate decision-making, including development, finance, management, market analysis, marketing, and valuation, all within the context of family offices.

The journal places a particular emphasis on research that can directly inform and benefit family office decision-makers. It seeks to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical applications, offering scholarly and practical insights that can be applied in real-world family office settings. JFORE encourages the submission of high-quality research papers that address topics such as family office investment strategies, portfolio management, risk assessment, market trends, sustainable real estate practices, tax and legal considerations, succession planning, and best practices in family governance.

By providing a platform for academic and practical discourse and knowledge exchange, JFORE aims to foster innovation and contribute to the advancement of the field of family office real estate. The journal welcomes original research articles, case studies, and literature reviews that shed light on family offices’ unique challenges and opportunities in their real estate investments. Additionally, it may feature practical tools, studies from the institute that can aid researchers and practitioners in their pursuit of understanding and optimizing family office real estate practices.

JFORE serves as an authoritative source for academics, practitioners, and industry professionals interested in exploring the intricate dynamics of family offices within the real estate sector. Through its coverage of relevant topics, the journal seeks to facilitate the dissemination of cutting-edge research and provide valuable insights into the intersection of family office management and real estate investments.