The FORE Institute

The Family Office Real Estate Institute (FOREI) is an organization that provides education, resources and networking opportunities for family offices that invest in real estate. Joining the FOREI can be beneficial for family offices for several reasons:

  1. Access to industry expertise: FOREI provides access to experts in the real estate industry, including investors, operators, and other industry professionals. This can provide family offices with valuable insights and perspectives on current trends and best practices in the industry.
  2. Networking opportunities: FOREI provides opportunities to connect with other family office investors and industry professionals. This can help family offices to establish relationships and share knowledge with peers.
  3. Educational resources: FOREI provides educational resources and training on various topics related to real estate investing. This can help family offices to improve their investment knowledge and skills.
  4. Deal Flow: FOREI provides access to unique investment opportunities and deal flow that can help family offices to diversify their portfolios and find new investment opportunities
  5. Benchmarking: FOREI provides a platform for family offices to compare their performance and strategies with other family offices, which can help them to identify areas for improvement and to benchmark their performance.

Overall, by becoming a member of the FOREI, family offices can access valuable resources and expertise, connect with peers and other industry professionals, and improve their knowledge and skills related to real estate investing.